Nikon X-Ray and CT Inspection

Nikon offers a wide range of industry-leading X-ray and CT systems, with configuration flexibility to ensure a system that is right for you. Nikon X-ray CT systems provide insight into the inside, allowing users to visualise, analyse and measure internal components, surfaces and complex geometry, all non-destructively. Whether in a research setting or production environment, Nikon's range of systems suit a wide variety of applications, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, electronics, castings, plastics, consumer products and much more.

At the heart of superior image quality is Nikon's world-leading X-ray source technology, ranging from 130kV through to 450kV, all with micron resolution. Unique X-ray source design such as multi-metal target options, rotating target technology, integrated generator technology and the worlds-only 450kV microfocus source allow superior image quality in 2D X-ray and 3D computed tomography across the entire range of systems.

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X-ray systems for electronics inspection


The XT V system range comprises world-class X-ray and CT inspection systems of advanced, ergonomic design, meeting today's need for high performance inspection of increasingly complex components with ever tighter tolerances.

The systems are intuitive to use and harness industry-leading software to maximise productivity for all operators, with minimal need for training. Automated inspection modes allow inspection of samples at high throughput rates, with intuitive pass / fail reporting.

With sub-micron feature recognition, XT V inspection systems are applicable to a wide range of applications and industries including PCB assembly, BGA inspection, chip design, medical and automotive component manufacturing, aerospace, consumer products and much more.

The XT V series includes the patented Nikon Xi Nanotech X-ray source paired with industry leading flat panel detectors to produce best-in-class image quality, along with seamless transition between radiography, 3D tomography and 3D laminography in one system.

Youtube-video Nikon Electronics Inspection Introduction XTV Series:

video Nikon Electronics Inspection Introduction XTV Series

X-ray systems for electronics inspection, specs

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XT V 130C - Cost-effective X-ray inspection


Nikon XT V 130C Electronics X-ray system

The XT V 130C is a highly flexible and cost-effective electronics and semiconductor inspection system. The system features a 130 kV/10 W Nikon Metrology manufactured source, a globally recognized open tube design with integrated generator, and a high-resolution imaging chain

A series of optional factory or field upgrades enable the users to configure the system to their own requirements and budget. Upgrades include a sample rotation stage, a high definition digital flat panel option, automated inspection software and CT technology

Nikon XT V-sarjan esitepdf_link

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XT V 160 - Premium X-ray inspection


Nikon XT V 160 Electronics X-ray system

Specifically designed for use in production lines and failure analysis laboratories, the XT V 160 can be configured with a choice of premium system components to optimize the performance for your needs. Besides manual real-time inspection, the inspection process can be fully automated to maximize productivity

Nikon XT V-sarjan esitepdf_link

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225kV and 320kV CT Inspection and Metrology


Nikon Metrology's industry-leading 225kV system range offers the ultimate flexibility and versatility for X-ray CT inspection and metrology. The XT H 225, XT H 225 ST 2x, MCT and XT H 320 series offer customisable solutions for 2D X-ray and 3D computed tomography (CT) applications. These systems are supplied to an extensive customer base backed by global support and can be configured to suit a variety of applications across the automotive, aerospace, energy, medical, dental, additive manufacturing, electronics, consumer and many other sectors.

The versatile XT H 225 series is controlled by industry-leading Inspect-X software, a 6th generation, advanced GUI providing intuitive workflows tailored to all users. Coupled with world-leading reconstruction times and cutting-edge visualisation and analysis software, the XT H series offers the complete package for X-ray and CT inspection.

Nikon Youtube-video XTH 225 Metrology CT:

Nikon Youtube-video XTH 225 Metrology CT

Nikon 225kV and 320kV CT, specs

Nikon XT H 450, specs

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XT H 225


Nikon XTH225 CT

Detailed capture and measurement of internal component and assembly features is often vital for quality control, failure analysis and material research. The entry.level versatile XT H 225 system offer a microfocus X-ray source, an inspection volume to accomodate small to medium sized parts and high image resolution. Ready for ultrafast CT reconstruction, the XT H 225 covers a wide range of applications, including the inspection of plastic parts, small castings and complex mechanisms as well as researching materials and natural specimens.

Nikon XTH-sarjan esitepdf_link

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XT H 225 ST 2x


Nikon XTH225 ST 2X

The XT H 225 ST 2x system is ideally suited to a wide range of materials and sample sizes. The system can be configured with a range of industry-leading flat panel detectors, up to 2,880 x 2,880, 150 µm pixels, to best suit the user application.

Tools for increasing scan speed, prolonging system uptime and maintaining measurement accuracy, when combined with the interchangeable X-ray targets and motorized FID, provide a flexible tool for Quality Control laboratories, Production facilities, Research and Development departments and academia.

Nikon Youtube-video Nikon Metrology - XT H 225 ST 2x - Productivity without compromise:

Nikon Youtube-video Nikon Metrology - XT H 225 ST 2x - Productivity without compromise

Nikon XT H 225 ST 2x -esitepdf_link

Nikon XTH-sarjan esitepdf_link

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MCT225: Absolute accuracy for metrology CT


Nikon MCT225 Metrology-CT

Dimensional inspection using industrial CT has many advantages as all internal dimensions are measured without destroying the part. Metrology CT is possible by - either calibrating scans by performing time consuming reference measurements - or by using a metrology grade system.

The MCT225 is pre-calibrated using accuracy standards by VDI/VDE 2630 guidelines for Computed Tomography in dimensional measurement. Several key metrology features provide enable an impressive absolute accuracy specification of 9+L/50 µm combined with a long term stability.

Nikon XTH-sarjan esitepdf_link

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XT H 320


Nikon XTH320 CT

The XT H 320 is a large cabinet system for the X-ray CT scanning and metrology of large components. The system consists of a 320 kV microfocus source delivering up to 320 W of power.

A high resolution flat panel is used to collect high quality images of the sample. The system is controlled by Inspect-X software which makes the collection of CT data and setting up of measurements simple and easy. The system can output volume data to industry standard volume viewing software.

Nikon XTH-sarjan esitepdf_link

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XT H 450


Nikon XTH450 CT

The XT H 450 system offers the necessary source power to penetrate through high density parts and generate a scatter-free CT volume with micron accuracy. At the core of this powerful equipment is a 450 kV microfocus source, providing superior resolution and accuracy up to 450 W power whilst offering sufficient X-ray power to penetrate dense specimens. The system is available with a flat panel (for 3D cone-beam CT) or a proprietary Curved Linear Diode Array (CLDA) (for 2D fan-beam CT) that optimizes the collection of the X-rays without capturing the undesired scattered X-rays.

Nikon Youtube-video XTH 450 Introduction - Nikon Metrology:

Nikon Youtube-video XTH 450 Introduction - Nikon Metrology

Nikon XTH-sarjan esitepdf_link

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Configurable Large Envelope Systems


Nikon Metrology's large-envelope X-ray and CT scanning systems offer industry-leading X-ray technology, ultra-precise manipulator design, intuitive software and advanced scanning modes to produce the most capable standard CT systems available. With a large inspection volume, these systems support multiple sources and detectors and can be custom-configured to suit a variety of applications in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, electronics, castings, plastics, consumer products and much more. Precision X-ray and CT scanning allows applications such as reverse engineering, part-to-CAD comparison, detailed failure analysis, advanced materials and biological structure research, digital archiving and much more.

The range of large-envelope systems can be built in a multiplicity of configurations to match the most demanding industry applications, from small, low-density samples to large, high-density materials.

Nikon Configurable Large Envelope Systems, specs

Nikon CT Versatility -esitepdf_link

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X-ray core products and services


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Inspect-X for 2D Inspection


Inspect-X is Nikon's in-house, 6th generation, industry-leading software for X-ray and CT systems. Designed around the user experience, Inspect-X is intuitive and streamlines workflows for the most productive X-ray inspection. Inspect-X on the XT V system range features user-friendly controls and imaging to streamline complex inspections, with quick-access toolbars utilising the most advanced visualisation and analysis function capabilities. XT V systems with Inspect-X enable rapid deployment of new product lines, within minutes rather than hours or days.

Advanced inspection with C.Clear imaging engine

Nikon Inspect-X C.Clear

Nikon's imaging engine C.Clear intelligently adapts to changing X-ray conditions and sample positions, automatically adjusting image controls, contrast and brightness to provide the clearest, sharpest images. Real-time enhancements and filters can be customised to suit wide-ranging sample types and individual preferences.

With C.Clear, operators can make fast and well-informed decisions, enabling defects to be detected correctly first time, especially for hard to detect faults within multi-tier BGA or complex components. The C.Clear imaging engine enables manufacturers to increase inspection throughput and to reduce false call rates, leading to superior quality and efficiency. A whole range of post-processing image filters and enhancements can also be applied to any image, complementing the active C.Clear engine.

Next generation defect analysis

Nikon Inspect-X defect analysis

Inspect-X offers the most advanced visualisation and analysis function capabilities, with quick access toolbars for measurements on any sample and dedicated analysis tools for electronics and printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies.

The new ball grid array (BGA) analysis tool provides powerful image processing, fully automated analysis and detailed reporting to inspect complex packages such as Package on Package (PoP) or multi-layered boards. With its powerful image processing algorithm, the tool gives accurate results even in complex board assemblies with underside components and allows customisation to build automated pass/fail inspection routines.

The range of inspection tools comes as standard for applications including BGA (voiding, size, circularity, bridging), automated multi-bond wire analysis, plated-through hole (PTH) analysis and more.

X-Tract Laminography and 3D reconstruction

Nikon X-Tract Laminography and 3D reconstructions

Nikon's X-Tract laminography is a technique that provides 3D reconstructions of a sample, similar to that of computed tomography (CT), in a matter of minutes. The X-Tract laminography module utilises Nikon Metrology's advanced CT reconstruction software capabilities and world-leading reconstruction times to produce virtual 3D micro-sections of a sample in any orientation.

The X-Tract tool provides fully automated acquisition, powerful image processing and detailed reporting to produce stunning images of internal components. With X.Tract, users gain better insight into complex and multi-layer packages. The extent of voids, cracks and misalignment can also be easily visualised in the context of a 3D structure, leading to reduced false call rates and higher productivity.

Nikon X.Tract-esitepdf_link

Automation and high-throughput

Nikon Inspect-X Automation and high-throughput

Inspect-X on the XT V systems allows inspection in automation mode to maximise productivity and perform inspection routines. Customising the automated inspection programs utilising the graphical interface is designed for all users of the system and requires no complex programming skills.

The automation mode is designed for easy integration at customer sites, with automated reporting functions readable on any PC and optional visual checks during automated inspection routines to allow interactive inspection.

The automation mode can integrate the full complement of analysis tools, making the XT V system range highly productive for repeated inspections of PCBAs, semiconductor components and high density boards. IPC control allows full customization of XT V systems into production lines and customer solutions.

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Inspect-X for 3D CT


Inspect-X is Nikon's in-house, 6th generation, industry-leading software for X-ray and CT systems. Designed around the user experience, Inspect-X is an advanced, intuitive GUI streamlining workflows for the most productive X-ray CT inspection. Inspect-X for CT scanning on the XT H and large-envelope-system (LES) range features user-friendly workflows to simplify and optimise X-ray CT inspection of any sample. Inspect-X offers interactive visualisation to perfect image quality, while also offering automated solutions and advanced scanning modes to produce high resolution, high contrast and high quality data.

Nikon Youtube-video Increasing CT Inspection Productivity Using Semi Automated Sample Loading:

Nikon Youtube-video Increasing CT Inspection Productivity

Intuitive CT workflow

Inspect-X for 3D CT Intuitive workflow

Inspect-X allows seamless transition between radiography and computed tomography (CT), all in one intuitive software. Nikon's imaging engine C.Clear helps to provide the clearest, sharpest images with real-time enhancements and filters to produce stunning digital X-ray radiography images.

Users can use the same intuitive graphical interface to perfect image quality for 3D CT, with user-friendly workflows. Users can optimise image quality using visual displays of image contrast and resolution. The automatic optimisation of projection number helps users maximise image quality for samples at any magnification. With multiple user levels and abilities to save, load, archive and batch scan profiles, Inspect-X is perfect for any user environment.

World-leading reconstruction times with CT Pro

Inspect-X for 3D CT CT Pro

Nikon's in-house CT reconstruction engine is built on reliability and efficiency, with world leading reconstruction times to transform X-ray projection images into high quality 3D data. Nikon Metrology's CT reconstruction package, CT Pro, comes as standard together with Inspect-X.

CT Pro is an intuitive software that allows users to optimise CT reconstruction, with a range of advanced image enhancement filters and instant slice previews. Users can maximise contrast-to-noise and signal-to-noise ratios in every scan with intelligent artefact removal filters, beam-hardening corrections, scatter reduction, smoothing filters, sharpening filters and automatic centre-of-rotation (COR) calculation.

Users can reconstruct any chosen ROI (region of interest) using interactive displays, with expertly configured workstations for supreme performance, all compatible with in-house and leading third-party software.

Helical X.Tend scanning mode

Inspect-X for 3D CT X.Tend

X.Tend is an advanced helical CT scanning mode that allows users to extend the height of a CT scan through multiple FOVs (fields of view) in one, seamless continuous scan. The sample moves vertically through the X-ray cone beam while the sample rotates, eliminating the need to take multiple scans. X.Tend allows higher resolution, 3D voxel data in tall samples, as users can increase magnification of the sample.

X.Tend doubles the speed of the CT process for these sample types while providing better image quality with no stitching artefacts. X.Tend acquisition and reconstruction use the same intuitive Inspect-X and CT Pro software for user-friendly workflows and high quality data.

Large and dense object scanning modes

Inspect-X for 3D CT Panel Scan

Nikon offers multiple scanning modes to produce high-quality data of large, dense and often unwieldy objects. Panel-Scan allows users to scan samples that are too wide for a single FOV, incorporating up to four-position, fast panel scanning (in compatible systems).

Additionally, users can choose partial angle scans, which can provide higher resolution of large samples without having to perform a full 360-degree rotation. Inspect-X incorporates intuitive workflows for scatter-free radiography and CT, in combination with Nikon's unique curved linear diode array (CLDA) detector. Users can produce stunning, scatter-free images with unrivalled signal-to-noise ratio.

Automated Detector Evaluation in Accordance with ASTM E2737

Inspect-X for 3D CT ASTM E2737E

The Nikon ASTM E2737 product enables users to evaluate and track the performance of a digital detector within a Nikon X-ray CT system, in accordance with the globally recognised ASTM E2737 standard. This product revolutionises detector performance evaluation, by streamlining user workflows with fully automated calculation of image quality parameters.

Detector performance evaluation is enhanced by a unique, dedicated section for performance tracking and trend analysis, with full transparency of performance allowing the user to visualize trends before they reach user-defined limits. This can be performed with all of the performance parameters, including spatial resolution, contrast sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and many more.

The product is compatible with the full range of Nikon X-ray CT machines with custom-designed hardware to allow ease of setup, efficient workflows and automated reports. All performance checks are in accordance with ASTM E2737 standard and is configurable for novice users and expert users.


Inspect-X for 3D Offset.CT

In standard CT, the component being scanned must stay within the field-of-view at all times during rotation, in order to reconstruct the full sample in 3D. With Offset.CT, the sample can rotate out of the field-of-view and still be reconstructed, as long as just over half of the sample remains within the field-of-view at any given time.

Offset.CT permits two main benefits to users: 1) increased horizontal field-of-view for CT scanning, meaning that samples wider than the detector can be scanned in one pass, with the detector in a fixed position; and 2) increased geometric magnification of samples, meaning that significantly higher resolution scanning can be achieved

Offset.CT doubles the speed of the CT process for larger sample types while providing better image quality with no stitching artefacts. Offset.CT acquisition and reconstruction use the same intuitive Inspect-X and CT Pro software for user-friendly workflows, leading reconstruction times and high quality data.

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X-ray Source Technology


At the heart of the superior image quality of Nikon Metrology's CT systems are world-leading X-ray sources. They have been designed and manufactured in-house since 1987, so encompass well over 30 years of expertise. Control over the X-ray source technology, the heart of the image, allows Nikon Metrology to move quickly with the market and develop complete and innovative solutions to suit each application. All X-ray sources are of open-tube design, allowing long lifetime and low cost of ownership for the entire range of systems from 130kV through to 450kV.

Nikon Youtube-video Inline Quality Control using Computed Tomography:

Nikon Youtube-video Inline Quality Control using Computed Tomography

160kV Nanotech Xi Source

Nikon X-Ray 160kV Nanotech Xi Source

The patented Nikon Xi microfocus source offers sub-micron feature recognition and can be fitted into the XT V system range. With an energy up to 160kV and a true-target power up to 20 Watts, the transmission target allows magnification of samples for high resolution imaging. The Xi source is of open-tube design for unlimited lifecycle, avoiding expensive replacements associated with sealed-tube technology. Users can perform routine filament changes inexpensively, as they are housed in filament cup assemblies that simply click into place, minimising downtime and allowing consistent long-term image quality. The Xi source also has an integrated generator design, so no high voltage cable maintenance is needed, further reducing cost of ownership.

One X-ray tube, limitless applications

Nikon X-Ray Target heads

Designed and built in-house, Nikon Metrology's unique X-ray sources have easily interchangeable target heads. The 225kV range allows up to 5 to fit onto the same tube base, resulting in unique flexibility and performance. It provides outstanding image quality across multiple powers and resolutions. While competitor models require maintenance-intensive, dual-tube configurations for flexibility, all Nikon Metrology sources from 180kV to 320kV also have a universal open tube to allow optimisation for a wide range of applications. A transmission target with 1 µm spot size is offered, through the proprietary 225kV reflection target (with unique multi-metal option) to the world's only rotating target. The 320kV microfocus target provides extra penetration for denser samples.

225kV reflection target with multi-metal option

Nikon 225kV reflection target

The 225kV ultrafocus open-tube source with a minimum spot size of 3 µm is the core of Nikon Metrology's XT H 225 range. It can be configured into a wide range of systems, from XT H 225 through XT H 225 ST and MCT 225 to the XT H 320 and any of the large-envelope systems. The source has the flexibility to cope with a range of sample sizes and densities and delivers long service life and low cost of ownership. The unique multi-metal target option allows users to change the X-ray emission profile, which can be vital for analysis of lower density material. The target metal can be changed from tungsten to silver, molybdenum or copper without breaking vacuum.

Rotating Target Technology

Nikon X-Ray Rotating Target Technology

Nikon Metrology is the only X-ray/CT equipment manufacturer to offer rotating target technology. An option in the 225kV and 450kV systems as an alternative to the static reflection target, it efficiently disperses the heat generated so the flux can be boosted by up to 5x, leading to incredible resolution, high contrast images. The liquid-cooled design allows continuous operation and consecutive scanning across the entire power range up to 450W for high scanning productivity, uniquely without the power limitations and need for cool-down periods required by competitors' targets. Image quality is improved by having up to 3x higher resolution for the same power or alternatively 3-5x faster data collection for the same resolution.

World's only 450 microfocus X-ray source

Nikon 450 microfocus X-ray source

The world's only high-energy, 450kV/450W microfocus X-ray source coupled with high-brilliance rotating target technology results in image resolution superior to all other microfocus systems, vastly better than that achievable with minifocus sources. Users benefit from better visualisation, optimal image quality with less geometric unsharpness and faster CT data acquisition. Open-tube design allows the filament to be replaced inexpensively in minutes, minimising downtime, in contrast to sealed tubes that are expensive and time-consuming to replace when they fail.

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Nikon on johtava optisten instrumenttien valmistaja. Yhtiö on perustettu Japanissa vuonna 1917.

Yli 100-vuotisen toimintansa aikana Nikon on kehittänyt edistyneitä ja tinkimättömän laadukkaita mikroskooppeja ja muita optisia laitteita.

Tänä päivänä Nikon Metrology tarjoaa laajan tuotevalikoiman mikroskopia- ja mittalaitteita.


Nikon Metrology product groups

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